A chance to take care of your body and get rid off tensions.

Californian massage

Gentle massage that promotes body and mind relaxation, calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. It also tones the skin, helps to reduce pain due to poor posture, poor circulation and arthritis.

Soothing massage – Anti-stress

Using essential oils this massage is useful to enhance the metabolism, releasing muscle tension for a global tonic action, improving tissue oxygenation and balancing hormone levels, it will donate brightness to your skin.

Lymphodraining massage – Vodder’s technique

Ideal for oedematous cellulite, that is characterized by swelling, fluid retention and orange-peel skin. Very useful if you feel stressed, thanks to its relaxing action that primarily works on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Haemolymphatic massage

It reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins and lactic acid, oxygenates the tissues, improves muscle and skin trophism via an anti-aging action. Recommended to combat and thwart the various stages of cellulite and localized fat.

Feet-Head-Face Massage

This message will give you lightness and serenity, donating a healthy and shiny colour to your skin. On the scalp, the slow and deep movement relaxes completely. The sole of the foot contains thousands of nerves, that properly stimulated contribute to invigorate the body. In this respect, nothing is more relaxing than a good massage, thanks to which the whole body seems to reborn.

Peeling and Toning Body massage

It removes dead skin cells and toxins, promotes, enhances and activates cellular renovation, skin regeneration, circulation and even tan.

Sports massage

It keeps the body in good health, eliminates fatigue and operates on small injuries of muscles and tendons. It can be made before a competition or a workout, in preparation for, during breaks or at the end. Along with stretching it helps to fight the fatigue caused by the lactic acid, dissolving any cramps and muscle tension and solving problems caused by extreme muscle strain.